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SmartVizor is a professional Publication design and Batch print system developed from the ground up for anyone who needs fast, powerful Publication design and batch print tools. Publication templates designed with SmartVizor are used to create Publication that can be batch print in SmartVizor, Uccsoft Software's low-cost, easy-to-use Publication batch Print solution, the completely free Publication.

SmartVizor Designer is used to design SmartVizor Template Files. Each SmartVizor Template File is like an un-filled master copy of a publication. The SmartVizor Designer makes creating Publication templates quick and easy, whether you are creating a new template Publication scratch, or converting an existing paper or even Publication from another format.

SmartVizor can be used for developing and deploying Publication for business, government, educational, financial, professional, scientific, medical, engineering, and private organizations.

SmartVizor gives you superb shapes over Publication design with advanced alignment and distribution tools, text editing, fractional fonts, inter-character and inter-line spacing, grids, guides, rulers, layers, built-in units-of-measure, drop-down lists, advanced drawing tools and much, much, more.

SmartVizor allows your business to move quickly and painlessly into the paperless office of the twenty-first century.

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