How to Batch Print or Create EAN-14 Barcode


Download this batch print EAN-14 barcode template:

Key Words: How to Batch Print or Create EAN-14 Barcode


How to Batch Print or Create EAN-14 Barcode? Some EAN 14 Barcode Data like this:

XS: 1 3389360000918 7

S: 1 3389360000919 4

M: 1 3389360000920 0

L: 1 3389360000921 7

About EAN-14 Barcode:

The EAN 14 code is used for traded goods. The code is always 14 numeric digits long:

The first two numbers are the Application Identifier of the EAN-128: (01). You cannot change them. They are part of the code. You must not enter them. SmartVizor will add them automatically.

The first digit is the "Logistic Variant", also named as "Packaging indicator".

The next 12 digits are representing the product number. General this the EAN-13 number without the check digit. The last digit is the check digit. SmartVizor calculates this digit automatically.

Today the EAN-14 mostly is created using the EAN-128 symbol set.

  How to Create:  
  1: Create a blank EAN-14 barcode tamplate.

2: Add a EAN-14 barcode shape to the page:

3: Change EAN-14 Barcode property: Change barcode type to EAN-14

4: Change EAN-14 Barcode data. Use fixed value.

5: Format EAN-14 barcode text: How to Remove the (01) from the text:

How to remove (01) from barcode text "(01)33893600009188" to "3389360000918"

Data Fill preview:

Printing Preview and Print:

6: Download this template and Print to PDF Printer:

(NOTE): To make use see the result: 1: Allow Print the Background Picture. 2: Allow Print the Border. 3: The Variable Data text have a Back Color:



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