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Download this template:

Key Words: MS Excel, Serials No, Variable data Text, CR-80, Printing, PINS Print, Serials Numbers Print, CR-80 Label Print, Software. Label Print Software

        I need a simple software that can connect to MS excel and print ONLY PINS and SERIAL NUMBERS (variable) to the attached kind of paper cards.
       NOTE: The cards are pre-printed in an A4 size paper each in CR-80 size which now gives 10 pcs per A4 paper.
        I simply want to print PINS and SERIALS at any location on the cards e.g. in the attached yellow card, you will see where you have the "Scratch-off label covering" (that is where the PIN is printed) again you will see where you have "card No" (that is where the serial number is printed). I need to print that on each of the 10 cards on the A4 paper. Also see SAMPLE PINS for your understanding.
       Do you have a software with limited features that can help me achieve what I want?
  Yes, SmartVizor can easy connect to MS Excel file and Get Variable data from MS Excel file.

Here a Document about how to Design this template.

1: Create a empty Like this and Set page size is one CR-80 Size paper size.

2: Use the Picture as Background and Don't print this Picture:

3: Connect to MS Excel variable data file:

4: Drag this variable field to the template.

5: Preview and Print:

Data Fill preview:

Printing Preview and Print:

6: Download this template and Print to PDF Printer:

(NOTE): To make use see the result: 1: Allow Print the Background Picture. 2: Allow Print the Border. 3: The Variable Data text have a Back Color:

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