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AIAG Shipping Labels Template Printing

SmartVizor for ( Automotive Industry Action Group) has standardized a protocol for using barcodes on AIAG shipping labels, automotive parts, and other applications.

 SmartVizor is a barcode-enabled output solution which simplifies manual printing of forms and bar code labels significantly.

 Ready-to-use document layouts eliminate time consuming design efforts completely. Templates for compliance labeling purposes (e.g. VDA-4902 labels, AIAG labels, Galia labels, GS1 logistic labels, GTL - Global Transport Label) and other areas of applications are available immediately.

 If required, custom document layouts are designed easily. Complex transport labels with 2D barcodes, serial letters, vouchers, coupons, reports, lists or tables are created with SmartVizor. Thereafter, these document layouts are completed with your data and printed on arbitrary printers or exported as PDF-, PostScript®- or HTML files.



AIAG Shipping Labels Template Design Sample Download.



  AIAG Shipping Label Template    





SmartVizor for AIAG Shipping Labels Template Design Screenshots.

If you are trying to find a software package that will interface with one of my WebPages for printing AIAG shipping labels.  and you would like to have your user input data on a form and then select the customer the product is going to.  From the customer the next page should pull up the correct label format and populate it with the data.

View this solution now by starting your 30-day free trial. Setting up your free trial is quick, easy, and secure. SmartVizor will return you to this solution, unlocked, when you're done.

Logistic Concepts

SmartVizor focuses on the support of industry standard forms and labels. Document templates covering these areas are part of the product and can be used immediately.

Implement arbitrary logistic concepts in an efficient way. Among others the „MAIS Pick-Up-Sheet" (the standard in use by Opel), „AMES-T" (Advanced Mobility Engineering Services for Transportation, the guidelines from Volkswagen), „Bypass" (the name of the specification in use by DaimlerChrysler) and „BeloM" (the document-based flow of information in use by BMW).

Instant Printing

The content of the printed forms is based on your input data. The data is entered manually, imported from an external data-source or supplied via program code by an application. The expenditure of your data as bar code, as text or as part of a computation takes place automatically according to the document layout.

Simple Operation

The manual printing of forms or bar code labels is simplified by very easy-to-use additional tools. Even untrained users are able to use the application immediately.

Creating new document layouts is supported by the clear and consistent graphical user interface of SmartVizor.

Integrated Bar Code Support

The integrated bar code support qualify SmartVizor for the perfect industry-suited output tool. SmartVizor generates all bar codes by itself, thus special and costly bar code printers or hardware add-ons like bar code SIMMs and bar code DIMMs are not required. Industry standard forms like VDA/Odette/Galia/AIAG labels for the automotive industry are printed within minutes.

Serial Number Printing

The use of serial numbers is supported network-wide, even for multiple concurrent users. The software ensures the unique allocation of serial numbers across different users and form layouts.


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