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SmartVizor comes with different shapes and control for designing publication

Uccsoft Software also offers Custom Control services should your company or organization require special functionality. See Services for more info.

Easy to Change shapes properties


The Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Curve, and Polygon drawing controls allow you to draw any kind of shape selecting line thickness, line and fill color, angle of rotation, and different dashed line styles.

Insert Graphics to publication

Insert company logos and other graphics into your Publication with the Image control. Once inserted, adjust image properties such as brightness and contrast. SmartVizor can import images from many popular file formats including *.jpg, *.bmp, *.PNG, *.tiff, *.emf, *.gif, and more.

Add Checkboxes and Radio button to your publication

Add Checkboxes and Radio Button to your Publication and adjust the appearance of any checkbox by choosing the colors, size, and check style. Radio button is grouped into sets of mutually exclusive 'radio button' style controls.


Use Labels (Static text, Multi Line, Multi Font, Rich-Text Style)

 Use Labels to add the static text into your Publication. SmartVizor's powerful label control supports multi line, multi font, rich-text style lettering. In addition, you can adjust inter-character spacing, line spacing, and exact text size to 1/100th of a point. Proprietary font scaling technology ensures that text will scale correctly at any zoom level.








Easy to change Text properties

You get complete control over text appearance with the ability to align both horizontally and vertically, and adjustable margins. Change text color and bold/italic settings within the same line of text.
Labels can also be rotated to any angle using either the mouse or by specifying an exact angle to 1/10th degree.

Input Field and Mask Control

Add single line or multi-line text input fields with the Text and Multi-Text controls.
Use the Formatted Text control for masked input such as social security numbers, phone numbers, and dates.
Limit input to a list of choices with the Combo box control.

 You get precise control over numeric input with the Numeric control, allowing you to choose decimal precision, currency, negative format, thousands separator, scientific notation, etc.


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