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SmartVizor Designer provides many features for converting existing forms into SmartVizor templates quickly and easily. Use the Image as a guide for creating a Publication from a scanned image of your original form. The Image is dimmed and shown underneath the grid, allowing you to place controls on top in the correct position. The Image can be hidden and shown with a single shortcut key press. Combined with the mouse-wheel text attribute shortcuts, this powerful feature will definitely save you time converting your existing forms.

Create Template from Images Files

You can take advantage of the SmartVizor to an image of a document created with any other program. You can then use that picture as the Image to create a SmartVizor template.

You can print to it from other applications, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat and save the output as an image file.

Choose the output file format from .bmp, .PNG, .jpg, .tiff, or even save it as a vector image Enhanced Windows Metafile (.emf). Alternatively, save it directly to the Windows Clipboard in either Bitmap or Enhanced Metafile format, and paste it right into SmartVizor Designer. Or, if you are really lazy, use the third option of having the SmartVizor create a new SmartVizor template file for you, with the Images already created on each page!

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