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How to Make Barcode Labels


How To Make Simple Labels
Learn how to create simple labels such as those used for mailing, shipping, and general purposes.

How To Make ID Cards and Badges
Learn how to design and print secure ID cards and badges.

Learn what is required to produce professional barcode labels.

  • What kind of printer do I need to print barcode labels?

  • Do I need a barcode label printer to print barcode labels?

  • What kind of labels can I print barcode labels on?

  • What software do I need to create barcode labels?

  • Can I have someone else print my labels?

What kind of printer do I need to print barcode labels?

The type of printer required to print barcode labels is typically related to the size of the label your are trying to print. The space between each bar in a barcode must be distinguishable. For most standard size barcodes, such as those found on UPC symbols, mailing, or shipping labels, a standard LaserJet printer will typically work very well, and a DeskJet printer will often be sufficient. For very small barcodes, such as those used to mark electronic parts, a special label printer may be required. Specialized printers such as thermal, barcode label, and plastic card (PVC) printers should also work.

Do I need a barcode label printer to print barcode labels?

No, barcode label printers are not required to print barcode labels. If you print very large volumes of barcodes labels, you may find that using a barcode printer will provide print speed improvements when combined with software that can print barcodes using the printer's native language. Check with your software vendor to verify if your barcode label printer is supported.

What kind of labels can I print barcodes labels on?

Barcodes are typically printed on white label stock. Stock that is not white or that is too reflective may cause problems for barcode scanners and is not recommended. Standard label stock, such as that which is found in office supply stores should work fine.

What software do I need to print barcode labels?

Barcode label software, such as SmartVizor, will allow you to quickly and efficiently design and print barcode labels. If you have a database or spreadsheet already configured, you can use SmartVizor to connect to it, or you can create a new database. Other labeling products are also available, such as those from our competitors, but users and industry professionals alike will tell you that SmartVizor is the best barcode label software available.

Can I have someone else print my barcode labels?

If you are looking to print barcode labels one time only, then you may want to find a company that will print barcode labels for you. Typically printing companies are fairly expensive and you will save money in the long term by printing your labels in-house. Printing companies may be easily found using an internet search.

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