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Attention SmartVizor Owners... Don't pay high prices for 500 or 1000 pre-printed publication.  Print high quality publication as you need them on your own printer using our publication software.

SmartVizor is Uccsoft Software's low-cost, easy-to-use Publication Batch Print solution, letting people in your office or enterprise Batch Print Publication created with SmartVizor Designer without modifying the original Publication template.

SmartVizor enables you to view, fill, batch print, and import records to SmartVizor Publication Files. These files contain both the Publication template and the records entered.

SmartVizor Batch Print allows you to print a lot of data once. About 20 forms control field will help you design any batch print publication. With this software you can import data from Access database, Excel?, Tab or any delimited text files and SmartVizor Exported XML files automatic. Runtime preview and Batch print preview make you work easy.

SmartVizor, you can design multiple records in a single file, and even import and export data between external databases. In addition to saving SmartVizor Publication Files, you can also choose to import/export form data in a SmartVizor Data File. These files contain only the publication data, which means less disk space is needed.

SmartVizor, A built-in database automatically keeps track of all entries, and allows multiple records to be stored together, either on a stand-alone PC or over a network.


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