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Batch print includes multiple records capability in a single publication file. Navigate between records easily using the record navigation toolbar.

Import / Export data between both SmartVizor files and any minimally compliant ODBC data source, including Access,  Excel?, Text file and so on.

Multi-page publication are no problem for SmartVizor Filler! Easily navigate pages with page tabs and a pop-up page index. Pages in a publication can be different sizes, margins, and orientations (portrait and landscape).

Thumbnail Navigation tool is always available on the bottom right corner of the window to provide quick navigation within a page view.

Zoom in or out to any level between 10% and 400%, or zoom to the page width or height automatically. SmartVizor's proprietary image and font scaling technology assures that the form image will scale perfectly at any magnification.

Use your Wheel Mouse in combination with the CTRL key to instantly zoom in or out on an exact point under the cursor.

And SmartVizor uses advanced flicker-free screen drawing algorithms to produce smooth, fast image display. Go ahead and compare SmartVizor to other software and you'll see the difference.

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