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Import records to publication.

Both sets of SmartVizor let you import a wide variety of data sources and make it possible to batch print that are independent of the data source.

Import data from Microsoft Access database, Microsoft Excel?, Tab or any delimited Text files and SmartVizor Exported XML files automatic.

Direct Bind the publication to a database source .

You can Bind a publication to a database source direct, the system can use the old data auto.


Import records to publication.

Import data from Access database, Excel?, Tab or any delimited text files and SmartVizor Exported XML files automatic.


Export to BMP,  GIF,  JPEG,  PNG available


Batch print (Mail Merging) with an Image Database

If SmartVizor slows down or complains about low memory while printing mail-merged pictures, read the following paragraphs.

If you are managing a database of pictures, SmartVizor offers two types of database picture fields: picture-data and picture-path. Image-data embeds the picture directly into the database file itself, so that if you move the database file from one computer to another, all of the images are transported automatically. Whereas picture-path only stores the filenames and optionally the file location of the images.

If you choose to add picture-data to your database, as you enter pictures, the size of your database may increase dramatically, dependent on the size of the images you are adding. If the database is a simple database such as Microsoft Access and your computer is not very powerful, you may notice severe slowdown as the number of records grows.

If you plan to add a large number of pictures (more than 500), your best option is most likely to use the picture-path method. To do so, you will save the filename in the database as normal text. See the example below:

Image Folder (where you will store your picture files):
Image File Name (stored in your database):

In SmartVizor, choose Add > Image > Image From Database and select the second option:
Obtain image path by combining plain text and one or more database fields
In the text box, enter the Image Folder name followed by a '\':
Then click on Insert DB Field and select the database column containing the file names of the pictures. You will see something like:

In the case of the example above, where the picture file name, uccsoft.jpg, is saved in the database column <<Image_Path>>, SmartVizor will replace the fit the picture file, C:\Images\uccsoft.jpg, to the picture place holder on the card or label at print-time.

To capture images and store file paths more simply, you should mark the <<Image_Path>> field as an image path field. To enable this feature, open Database Setup, click on Database Source, click on Field Setup, select the <<Image_Path>> field and check the Image Path check box.


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