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SmartVizor Overview

Need to print mailing labels, shipping labels, barcode labels, or photo ID cards, but afraid of the learning curve? Don?t worry. SmartVizor label and card printing software includes the necessary tools to achieve all of your design and printing goals quickly and easily. Plus it features the easiest, most comprehensive database support system of any label or ID card software available.

Numerous Applications
Print ID cards, barcode labels and address labels, as well as many other in-house forms and labels.

Unprecedented Capabilities
One-click database connectivity, unparalleled design features, and flexible print options.

Unmatched Feature Set
An easy-to-use and efficient user interface that is simple yet powerful.

A Wealth of Benefits
Small learning curve, improved productivity, reduced printing costs, and more.


Numerous Applications

Print photo ID cards
SmartVizor is the industry-leading ID card solution, combining even the most advanced features of other card software with the industries easiest-to-use interface, all for a fraction of the price of other software!

With SmartVizor, you can quickly and easily design and print secure ID cards and badges for your entire staff. Advanced options include double-sided printing, magnetic stripe support and barcode support. A full-featured database interface connects to and edits any ODBC or OLE DB compliant database, including the pre-defined sample database. You can directly interface with your digital camera and take pictures, or pull pictures from a database.

See how to use SmartVizor to create ID cards in four simple steps.

Print barcode labels
SmartVizor offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use printing tool for barcode labels. SmartVizor supports more than 20 industry standard 1D and 2D barcodes. To make it easy, we?ve added thousands of predefined label templates to help you get a jump-start on the design process.

SmartVizor's advanced database connectivity makes it easy for you to connect to any inventory, warehouse, or similar database.

Advanced text and barcode formatting options and graphics tools make it simple to design labels that comply with industry standards such as AIAG, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more.

Take a look at how easy it is to print barcode labels following our four easy steps.

Print address labels
If you are looking for software to facilitate bulk mailing, direct mailing, or other mailing needs, SmartVizor is the perfect choice. SmartVizor includes powerful, yet easy-to-use mail-merge options, and links directly to any address book or customer database. You can also include a postal barcode or other shipping barcode, such as PDF417 or Code 128, along with the address. SmartVizor lets you highlight delivery names and apply special formatting to the text. You can even include a mail-merged letter or form. SmartVizor's functionality is not just limited to labels and cards; you can also, for example, design full-page, mail-merged letters using SmartVizor.

Let us show you how to print labels in three easy steps.

Print forms, envelopes, and much more
You can use SmartVizor to print barcode labels, address labels, and ID cards, as well as many other in-house printing needs, including business cards, forms, invoices, CD/DVD labels, envelopes, and much more.


Unprecedented Capabilities

Quick start with templates and samples
To get you started quickly, SmartVizor not only lets you select a label or card template from a library of thousands of predefined templates, it also offers many samples that you can use, as well as modify for your specific application.

Integrate with any database
Already have a database? Simply connect to it using SmartVizor. Don't have a database yet? SmartVizor can create a new one for you. The industries most powerful integrated database editor makes managing your data a breeze. A real-time preview of the design is shown right next to the database record for error data-entry and printing.

Add rich text and graphics
With SmartVizor, you can easily add rich text and graphics to your design. You can apply advanced text formatting options, rotate and resize text and images, and auto-size text to fit to a defined area. Import images of many popular file formats or acquire images directly from a camera or scanner.

Print to any printer
With SmartVizor, you can use your existing Microsoft Windows compatible laser, inkjet, thermal, PVC card, or label printer, without the need to install special drivers.

Setup user accounts
Security is an ever growing concern for businesses. Setup user accounts and privileges to restrict access and rights to authorized users.


Unmatched Features

SmartVizor's simplicity, ease of use, and highly intuitive user interface enable even novice users to quickly learn to use it. A recently conducted survey showed that 95% of the customers who purchased SmartVizor found the product easier to use than any other labeling software product available in the market.

Advanced text formatting options, image manipulation tools, special graphics and color effects, fully-functional database editor, automated printing and many other features make SmartVizor the most powerful design and print application available.

A vast, searchable library of templates and powerful text and graphics tools such as rich-text, layers, advanced printing options, data filtering, and record selection tools, enable you to organize label designs in the most productive way and streamline their print process, cutting down on design and print time. The integrated database editor makes it easy to manipulate database records from within the application rather than having to switch to another application.


A Wealth of Benefits

Get Started Quickly

The easy-to-use interface, simplified features, ready-to-use samples, and integrated samples and tutorials help even novice users become a pro in just a few hours.

Improved Productivity
A small learning curve and efficiency tools such as data filtering, an integrated database editor, predefined templates, and a lot more will help you become more productive.

Cost Savings
Print quality options and a versatile print preview interface reduce erroneous printing. Advanced print selection lets you print only what is needed without printing redundant labels. SmartVizor provides additional tools to satisfy your other form and card printing needs so that you no longer need to invest time and money in specialized software applications.

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